Owner Spotlight | BOB MAPLE

As the Designated Broker of John L. Scott Everett and Mill Creek, Bob Maple continually develops and implements creative and practical applications designed to empower his team of agents. He is dedicated to developing real estate agents who are accomplished and experienced professionals with extensive expertise in all aspects of the real estate field. His goal is to deliberately cultivate a team of highly qualified real estate professionals who can positively impact and serve the Greater Everett and Mill Creek communities and the Puget Sound region in a professional manner.

In an effort to provide the highest level of real estate services to the community, Bob takes every measure to ensure that his teams of agents are provided with the critical access to the very best in technology, current market data and new marketing applications. Bob together with John L. Scott incorporates the use of state of the art technology that is designed to be user friendly and enhance the overall purchasing and/or selling experience. Through his vision, Bob is focused on designing and providing a foundation of resources that provides his team of agents with excellent management and transactional support that will enable each agent to serve the community with the most comprehensive and distinguished real estate services.

Bob invites you personally to contact him for an engaging and informative discussion on the real estate market. This opportunity will allow him to understand your specific requirements and how he and his office of professional agents can best serve you and fulfill your personal real estate goals.

If you are interested in joining our team of professionals at John L. Scott, please call Bob. He sincerely looks forward to meeting with you for an informative and insightful discussion into how John L. Scott Real Estate distinguishes itself in the Greater Everett and Mill Creek communities.