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John L. Scott’s presentation systems allow brokers to set themselves apart from the competition. Both the listing and buying presentations are professional systems that are customizable. They are designed to provide confidence, and portray a strong image of professionalism and competence. John L. Scott’s presentation systems can be used just as they are or as a supplement to an existing presentation. Our presentations are available in glossy, professionally printed pieces along with an iPad/tablet version.

Listing Presentation:

In addition to our listing presentation, we have our highly acclaimed Seller Listing Launch®. Seller Listing Launch is John L. Scott’s proprietary program giving brokers a systematic approach to creating buzz, attention, and exposure for newly listed properties. This program is not just about advertising a listing; it’s about marketing a property and successfully launching it in a way that benefits the seller in any market.

Buyer Presentation:

Our buyer presentation is a complete home buying planner that helps prepare a buyer to find just the right home. We believe in educating clients on current market trends, negotiation techniques, and so they can be Buyer-Ready, Day-One™.

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